German: Bitte achten Sie beim Ausstieg auf den Abstand zwischen Zug- und Bahnsteigkante.
English: Mind the gap.
Keanu Reeves is a vampire.



Now, look at this:


That’s “Paul Mounet”, a french actor, who “died” in 1922.

His body never was found.

Then, look at this:


An unknown man, painted in 1530 by Parmigianino.

 Compare them:


i believe.

Fact: we only dream of what we know. Our dreams are frequently full of strangers who play out certain parts – did you know that your mind is not inventing those faces – they are real faces of real people that you have seen during your life but may not know or remember? The evil killer in your latest dream may be the guy who pumped petrol into your dad’s car when you were just a little kid. We have all seen hundreds of thousands of faces throughout our lives, so we have an endless supply of characters for our brain to utilize during our dreams.


And this is why we can’t dream our own death!!!

I have to disagree ;) … The brain is capable of “chopping together” parts of different faces, different noses, parts of eyes etc. Moreover most of the time I don’t even see particular faces but more like…blurish face lump ^^

Guys. Google is 13 today. A teenager. We’re screwed.




“What is the capital of Peru?”

“How the fuck should I know? Go figure it out yourself, lazy ass.”

Google sounds like Julian Larson.  What if you tried to search for images?

“Search for the Eiffel Tower.”

“Here’s a picture of me in a Parisian nightclub with no shirt on.”


What I want to do, I can’t do.
I do what I hate.




Calm down, Agent.

This is calm and it’s doctor.

OMG!!! I love you soon much right now Reid, you badass!!

Oh my God, it is Paul Young!!!

I’m ready for autumn now :)

I’m ready for autumn now :)

LOL , a friend of mine unintentionally copied this scene almost 1 to 1 for his movie :D